What Our Clients Say About Us!

It's always a pleasure to work with such a generous and diverse group of people. Below is some of the feedback I've received about my services and speaking engagements.


I attended your session at the AFP ICON 2024 in Toronto, and I just wanted to send a note of thanks for your effort and time. You have amazing energy and you were refreshing and delightful to listen to. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge!

Natalie said...

I wanted to thank you for the foundationally strong gift of sharing the experiences you have collected and the wonderfully inspirational talk during AFP today. We all have a semblance of where we want to be, but how we pursue it and where we start can often seem daunting. I was one of many attendees that were glued to the telling of your story and the wisdoms you have gained along the way. I was actually referred to your class by John Bozard who is the president of the Orlando Health Foundation where I gratefully serve as a Development Associate. He mentioned having the pleasure of meeting you and now I can say the same. Thank you again for opening my eyes to the beauty and challenges of attaining ones greatest self. I feel better equipped with a map and key to pave my own way.

comments from AFP ICON, TORONTO APRIL 2024

"Loved the slide about what a typical donor looks like and how to start the conversation! "... "Alexis was the perfect blend of inspiration and technical prowess. She had us in the palm of her hand but made the material and herself, accessible and approachable. She demystified some of the lore around planned giving. She was wonderful to watch and the best way to start the day. Thank you!".... "Amazing! If I learn nothing else this conference would be worth it. Thank you Alexis!"... "Unbelievably amazing. So very helpful and inspiring. I could have listened to her speak all day!"..... "I appreciated Alexis' mix of personal experience, useful advice, and encouragement. I actually feel like I can start something! Thank you! Also, I really loved your dress."...


Very well organized, informative presentation. Excellent! Thank you!