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To guide and coach leaders to reach their full potential, achieve their missions, and to reach their goals for sustained success.


Where leaders build the skills and resources within themselves and their organizations to change the world for good.

Are you facing challenges? Here is how we help

Advise organizations on communications, leadership development and fundraising to create change and impact in a lasting and meaningful way.
Build relationships between organizations, foundations and their donors to establish their legacy and reach their philanthropic vision for impact and change.
Train nonprofit executives and their teams in communications, leadership development, strategic planning, succession planning and fundraising.
Coach nonprofit executives and philanthropy professionals with personalized, one-on-one strategies that use the latest techniques and approaches that build confidence, trust and success with their prospective planned giving donors.
Speak to audiences of all sizes and conduct workshops with your board, executive leadership and philanthropy professionals to improve your planned giving activities, knowledge and problem-solving skills to dramatically increase your planned giving gifts, donors, societies and overall annual giving. We are all about the roll-up your sleeves, “guide by the side” basics: With our help, you will learn the answers to: • How do you get your plan started for immediate results?
• How do you build stronger, more effective leaders?
• How do you build stronger and more effective teams?
When it comes to adding a planned giving program: • What do your planned giving donors look like?
• How do you find them?
• How do you talk with them? (talking about death CAN become easier, but it takes time)
• How do you build trust?
• How do you know when the time is right to ask?
• What about past mistakes?
• What about really bad mistakes you or your organization has made?
• How do you keep these legacy donors close to the organization?
• How do you maintain the momentum of your legacy giving program?

Client Organizations for Speaking, Training and Advising

• Driskill Foundation
• AFP Florida Planet Philanthropy
• Louisiana Association of Nonprofit Organizations (LANO)
• IARF (Illinois Association of Rehabilitation Facilities)
• Southwest Florida Planned Giving Council
• AFP Fundamentals Training
• Easter Seals
• North Park University
• Center for Nonprofit Learning


So often, local and community organizations don’t have the expertise, time and resources to implement these critical planned programs that I call the “Holy Grail” of Fundraising. The impact of a few donors and a few philanthropy executives with an open heart and a goal of achieving their philanthropic vision and its impact on the world, gives me great personal satisfaction. To help so many amazing community-based local nonprofit organizations throughout the country that truly are changing the world in their small corner of it.

How we work with you

The right expertise at the right time. We will work with you on a project basis or as an ongoing resource for addressing management and organizational, leadership and fundraising goals. We can conduct in house trainings, ongoing coaching in planned giving and major gift solicitation, as well as strategic planning and executive coaching.

Problems, left alone, get bigger

Because we know that there is A LOT of turn-over in the fundraising profession, we want to work with you for the long run through building trust over years and even decades. That means we only take on a very small number of clients in the Chicagoland area the Tampa Bay/Sarasota/Manatee County, Florida area. If you want personalized, comprehensive leadership and philanthropic coaching and proven strategies for growing your fundraising program, contact Alexis Alm Advisors, today!

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